i 8P TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Apple AirPods Copy 2019 with Free Shipping Pro

Item specifics

Compatible Model:
Bluetooth Wireless
Fit Design:
In-Ear Only
Compatible Brand:
For Apple
Wireless Technology:
Not Applicable
Earpiece Design:
Earbud (In Ear)
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Just Released - New Version i8 TWS (True Wireless Stereo) ear buds
Now With W1 chip copy technology. Includes easy to connect POP-UP animation on newer iOS devices.
 Both Black and White version now come with this added feature

Now with Improved sound quality. Maximum volume is also much louder than previous versions 

*pop up animation will always show 100% case battery. Earbuds will show battery percentage on animation screen
-This is a W1 chip copy, it accesses the iOS pop-up animation and connects using bluetooth. (Bluetooth must be on) Making it much easier to connect your Apple devices. However earbuds will work with all bluetooth enable devices - such as Samsung Galaxy devices. Only Apple devices will benefit from the animation connection.

After 1st pairing with device, all future pairings are automatic. (animation to connect will pop up and earbuds will automatically pair without having to press connect again)
The earbuds also automatically disconnect and charge themselves up when placed in case that is powered on
The case automatically shuts off when earbuds are fully charged (the earbuds will remain off until ready to use again)
Your existing lighting cable will also work on charging the case up

White version is still nice and shiny, just like those ones from Apple
has white on/off button on the back of case
Please see pictures of the item you will be getting.
All have been pre-tested and are fully functioning
Look for the MWBuds sticker on the box. Every pair of earbuds have gone though extensive testing. This includes connecting using Pop Up animation , Sound testings: quality, volume and charging functions (both earbuds and case).

This product has a single button and an LED light on the back of the case

These earbuds are 100% brand new. Never been placed in human ears or any other kind of living creatures ears. They will arrive in a sealed box. The 2 half boxes come together just like the real Apple AirPods do.

The pictures are real.

KEEP IN MIND:  These are not made by Apple.
 They DO however:
-Work Great
-Look Great
-Are Convenient
-Are Reliable
-Fast Charging
and most of all
-They do NOT cost $199 like real AirPods do

Please keep that in mind

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I will be shipping using USPS First Class for fast and reliable service
I handle the Item with 24 hours 
Prime Shipping
Earbuds are ready to be shipped to you
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Due to these being an in-ear product and a very personal item after being used, I do not offer returns on them.

PayPal only please.
Shipping only to confirmed PayPal addresses

Any questions please contact me. Thank you for looking :)

  • Auto Power on/off
  • Auto Pairing now with W1 Chip copy POP animation on iOS devices
  • Touch Controls for track skips, pauses, making calls,  and summons Siri , Google or everyones favorite... Bixby 
  • Built-in Microphones for calls

Product Details:
  • Bluetooth Version: V.50 + EDR (both sides) Ultra low battery consumption
  • Bluetooth Mode: A2DP1.3/HFP1.6/HSP1.2/AVRCP1.6/D113
  • Bluetooth Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Maximum no obsticles - Bluetooth Distance: 45 feet
  • Battery life: Each earbud - 30mah rechargeable Li-ion battery, Charging case - 300mah
  • Earbud playback time: 2-3 Hours
  • Earbud talk time: ~ 4 Hours
  • Case fully charges in about 1 hour and can charge ear buds up to 4 times on 1 full charge
  • Will pair with all bluetooth enabled devices (w1 chip pairing is for apple products, but earbuds will connect to all bluetooth enable devices
  • Both earbuds can be used individually or together
  • No flashing lights on earbuds once paired
Touch Functions:
  • 1 tap: Pause/Play
  • 2 taps: summons siri, google or bixby
  • 3 taps: Re-dial last number
  • Press and hold 3 seconds: Next Track
  • Press and hold 6 seconds: Manually turn earbud on/off

Included in box:
  • 2 wireless earbuds (Left and right)
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • Manual