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Papa Johns
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What is a pre-owned gift card?

CardCash buys thousands of unwanted gift cards yearly. The gift cards are bought at up to 92% of the value and in turn are sold to our customers at up to 40% off. The savings are passed on directly to you!

Since we are a secondary gift card marketplace there is a small risk inherent in the purchase. Therefore, we employ a thorough vetting process to our sellers and verify all our gift cards. Every gift card is guaranteed to have the balance as advertised for 45 days. We strongly encourage customers to only buy gift cards that they will use within that time frame so they will be covered by the CardCash Guarantee.

How do we protect our gift cards?

Payment Solutions:
The first step in fraud protection is making sure that someone who sells CardCash a gift card, is who they claim to be. Our partnerships with major payment processors allow us to verify users' payment information.
Fraud Algorithms:
Our security team has developed the most advanced secret algorithms in the industry to prevent all sorts of fraudulent activity. How does it work? Well, if we tell you it wouldn't be a secret anymore…
Identity Verification Tools:
Next we verify users' information against identity databases further protecting against false or assumed identities.
Customer Warranty:.
We're so confident in our systems that we offer a 45 day secure purchase guarantee, so customers feel safe buying gift cards from us
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