BISSELL BARKBATHâ„¢ QT Portable Dog Bath & Grooming System, 2nd Gen

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BISSELL BARKBATHâ„¢ QT Portable Dog Bath & Grooming System, 2nd Gen
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The Faster, Easier, Less Messy Way to Bathe Your Dog is Now Quieter!

Just when you thought dog grooming with our BARKBATHâ„¢ QT Portable Bath & Grooming System couldn’t be any easier – we went ahead and made it quieter, too. The BARKBATHâ„¢ QT is a less messy, easier and faster way to bring the dog wash home, eliminating the need to wash your dog in a tub. It uses specially designed nozzles that go under dog hair, letting water and shampoo wash your dog’s skin. Then, it uses soft suction to pull dirt and water away and into a separate tank for dirty water, taking the mess out of your dog’s bath time. It doesn’t matter if your dog has long or short hair, BARKBATHâ„¢ QT works on almost any length. And, one tank of water is enough to clean an 80-pound dog. BARKBATHâ„¢ QT also comes with a bottle of no-rinse shampoo to leave Fido’s coat feeling fresh and looking clean.

Plus, when you purchase a BISSELL® BARKBATH™ QT you help us save pets. BISSELL® will donate $10 to the BISSELL Pet Foundation™ for each purchase of this pet product. This year we're committed to donating at least $1,000,000 to BISSELL Pet Foundation™. BISSELL® is proud to design products that help make pet stains, odors, and pet homelessness disappear

*Sound emitted from the machine is similar to that of a vacuum. For best results, your dog should not be afraid of the sounds of a vacuum.  Training steps are provided in the User Guide to acclimate noise sensitive and anxious dogs.