Probiogen - Adults 55+ Probiotic Multi Powder - 7 oz.

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7.00 oz.

Probiogen - Adults 55+ Probiotic Multi Powder - 7 oz.

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Probiogen - Adults 55+ Probiotic Multi Powder - 7 oz. (198 g)

Probiogen Adults 55+ Probiotic Multi Powder is an easy-to-mix powder that provides DNA-verified spore probiotics along with a multivitamin/mineral blend that meets seniors' specific nutrient needs. The World Health Organization (WHO) found that seniors require a very unique set of micronutrients that are not met by conventional multivitamins. Probiogen's formula provides those key vitamins and minerals, with the added benefit of improved digestive balance and enhanced nutrient absorption.

Probiogen's Adults 55+ Probiotic Multi with 3 Billion Thriving Spore CFUs is equivalent to 100+ Billion CFUs in Today's leading probiotics, and the difference is Probiogen's probiotics arrive alive.

  • Multivitamin/mineral blend + probiotic for seniors
  • Meets Senior's Daily Nutrient Needs as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Easy-to-mix powder supplement
  • Supports healthy digestion & immunity + nutrient absorption
  • Promotes the growth of "friendly" bacteria
  • Probiotic survives 100x better than leading brands & yogurt
  • Smart Spore Technology + DNA Verified Strains
  • No gluten, soy or dairy
  • No refrigeration needed

Potent Strains in Adults 55+ Probiotic Multi

Bacillus coagulans HC
A spore-forming probiotic, studied and supported by clinical research. Helpful in reducing gas, bloating, and digestive discomfort.

Bacillus subtilis HU58
A spore-forming probiotic with the ability to fight off opportunistic and harmful bacteria. This strain is known to produce Nattokinase, studied for its heart-healthy benefits. HU58 also supports healthy immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Probiogen?
Probiogen provides safe and effective probiotics with clear health benefits for you and your family. Each product is microbiologist-formulated with Bacillus spore strains that are uniquely beneficial to digestive and immune system health.

The gut plays an important role in nearly every aspect of human health. Probiotics not only work to support the balance of good bacteria, but they also help to enhance the absorption of the key herbs, vitamins and minerals in each of their specialty and targeted formulas.

How do probiotics work?
The gut is home to trillions of bacteria. When an imbalance of bacteria occurs, whether it's due to antibiotics, pollutants, poor diet, or other causes, digestive issues and other health problems may arise. Probiotics provide friendly bacteria that help regulate the inner ecosystem to support digestive balance. Probiotic translates from Latin and Greek to "for life." By taking care of your gut, you're promoting good health from the inside out.

Do you need to take a probiotic?
There's a reason probiotics are the fasting growing type of dietary supplement. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than 60-70 million Americans are affected by digestive diseases.

With a high quality probiotic, you can address digestive issues, such as bloating, constipation or gas, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. With more than 70% of the immune system located in the gut, immune health is another great benefit of certain probiotic supplements. Many people say they feel more energized and happier when gut health is addressed.

Are probiotics good for more than just gut health?
As they learn more about the critical role of the digestive system, the known benefits of probiotics to their overall health continue to increase. In fact, the digestive system plays a role in nearly every aspect of human health. The digestive system is critically important to nutrient absorption and the creation of hormones, enzymes, and neurochemicals, and more.

More than 70% of your immune system and the second largest neurologic system (after the brain) are located in the gut. Even issues that you may not link with digestive health, like allergies, are thought to be mediated by the composition of bacteria in the gut.

What results can you expect from Probiogen?
Probiogen probiotics are formulated to make a difference in your digestive health and support healthy immunity. Increased regularity, lessened digestive issues and a bolstered immune system are just some of the benefits you can expect.

Why does survivability matter?
According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host." They guarantee potency at the time the consumer takes the product, not at manufacturing. Because many probiotics die during processing and storage, you'll see on their labels they provide live bacteria "at the time of manufacturing" only.

A recent study tested 35 of the most popular probiotic strains in the market and found that the vast majority of them did not survive gastric passage. If it doesn't make it to the gut alive, it is not a true probiotic, and you're essentially paying for dead bacteria. Their Bacillus spore probiotic strains have a 99.99% survival rate in the gastric system and are clinically proven to survive 100x better than leading probiotic brands and yogurt.

What is "Smart Spore Technology"?
Smart Spore Technology refers to the use of highly standardized, DNA verified Bacillus spore strains used in each Probiogen product. Spore-formers are unique in that they fit the criteria for what makes a probiotic truly beneficial for human health:

  • An organism that naturally exists in the gut
  • Exist in a higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut
  • Are able to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid and upper digestive tract
  • Naturally occur in the environment and be stable in both the gut and the environment

What does "DNA Verified" mean?
Their products contain well-defined strains that have undergone DNA sequence analysis and verification from a 3rd party lab. Many probiotic products, especially the multi-strain products with 10+ strains, are not well characterized. If a product is not well defined with strains that have undergone DNA sequence analysis, you can't be sure you know what you're taking. Studies show that incorrect labeling and even pill-to-pill variation is a problem with probiotics on the shelf today.

Why Probiotics?

The Probiogen Range
The gut is home to trillions of microorganisms, and they have only just begun to understand the full extent of the importance of this bacteria to their overall wellbeing. An unhealthy gut, whether it's due to poor diet, pollutants, antibiotics, or anything that causes an imbalance of gut flora, often leads to a variety of health problems.

Probiotics provide friendly bacteria that help regulate your inner ecosystem, restoring balance to promote digestive health, natural immunity, and vitality from the inside out.

Digestive Health
The digestive system is central to your overall health. Nutrient absorption and the creation of hormones, enzymes, and other critical substances all depend on the digestive system. Additionally, health concerns that you may not associate immediately with digestive health, like mood and allergies, could be linked to the balance (or imbalance) of bacteria in your gut.

Immune Health
Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located in the digestive tract? With autoimmune diseases on the rise (estimated at 50 million by the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association1), it's important to know how probiotics can help.

Brain Health
The gut is the second largest part of the neurologic system, and is responsible for the creation and management of many neurochemicals. Unfavorable changes to gut flora may have an impact on our mood and stress levels, as well.

Urinary Health
Regular probiotics may help prevent pathogenic bacteria from invading the urinary tract by supporting the growth of healthy bacteria.

Allergies are mediated by the composition of the bacteria in the gut. By helping to reduce gut and systemic inflammation, probiotics may be able to support favorable immune response to help provide season relief.

Probiotics may influence short chain fatty acid production and help to reduce low-grade inflammation, which influences metabolism and affects body weight.

The Probiogen Advantage

Probiotics that Thrive!
They're revolutionizing the market with highly effective, microbiologist-recommended Smart Spore probiotics and specialty probiotic blends. Their products are clinically proven to survive 100x better than the leading probiotics and yogurt, for digestive balance, healthy immunity, and vitality from the inside out.

Clear Advantages:

  • Spore probiotic strains with guaranteed 99.999% survival through the harsh gastric system. With probiotics it's quality, not quantity (number of cells that get to the site of action (the gut) alive and viable)
  • Guaranteed potency throughout shelf life with DNA Verified Strains
  • Proven to survive 100x better than the leading probiotics and yogurt
  • Dairy free, allergen free, GMO Free, gluten free, soy free, sugar free, no binders, fillers or flow agents and free of artificial colors and flavors
  • No refrigeration needed

The Truth About Probiotics Today
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines probiotics as "live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host." This means that a true probiotic should provide live, viable cells that arrive alive in the gut.

Probiotics are Beneficial When They:

  • Are an organism that naturally exists in the gut
  • Are supplemented in a higher concentration than what naturally exists in the gut
  • Are able to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid and upper digestive tract
  • Naturally occur in the environment and are stable in both the gut and the environment

Unfortunately, leading brands with up to 200+ billion CFUs only guarantee potency at the time of manufacture, and use strains that cannot survive the harsh gastric system. You're essentially getting dead bacteria moving through your system!

Additionally, many of these popular strains already exist in huge numbers in the gut. Probiotic supplements should have a higher concentration than what already exists in your system to be effective.

Smart Spore Technology

The Probiogen Range
Spore probiotics are among the most effective strains nature has to offer. Their Smart Spores been proven to survive the harsh gastric system and make it to the site of action alive, and they are naturally stable in the body and in the environment. Concentration of spore strains in the gut is relatively low, which is why they are much more effective than other popular strains that already exist in huge numbers.

Their Smart Spore formulas are microbiologist-formulated and contain well-research, DNA verified spore strains, including bacillus subtilis HU58, a spore-forming probiotic with the ability to produce at least 11 strong antibiotics that fight off opportunistic and harmful bacteria.

Smart Spore Probiotic Benefits Include:

  • Digestive Health & Regularity
  • Supports the Growth of Good Bacteria
  • Reduces Gas, Bloating & Discomfort
  • Effective with Antibiotic Treatments
  • Promotes a Healthy Immune System
  • Supports Mood & Energy

DNA Verified Strains

Probiogen provides guaranteed potency probiotics with clinically researched, DNA Verified Strains, which means you can trust they're delivering exactly what's on their label. Unfortunately, many probiotics today may not actually match their label claim. With probiotic products, especially the multi-strain products with 10+ strains, manufacturers are not required to do genome sequencing on their strains before they are utilized in a product.

Potent Strains Offered in Probiogen Products:
S. boulardii: Yeast probiotic typically used for upset stomach and general digestive disorders.

Bacillus coagulans HC: A spore-forming probiotic, studied and supported by clinical research. Helpful in reducing gas, bloating, and digestive discomfort.

Bacillus clausii: A well-studied, spore-forming probiotic with high efficacy and excellent tolerability. B. clausii can colonize in the intestine in the presence of antibiotics. Helps support healthy allergic and inflammatory responses.

Bacillus subtilis HU58: A well-studied, spore-forming probiotic with high efficacy and excellent tolerability. B. clausii can colonize in the intestine in the presence of antibiotics. Helps support healthy allergic and inflammatory responses.


Meet Kiran Krishnan - Microbiologist & Scientific Advisor for Probiogen
Kiran Krishnan is a Research Microbiologist and has been involved in the dietary supplement and nutrition market for the past 16 years. He comes from a strict research background having spent several years with hands-on R&D in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University of Iowa.

Mr. Krishnan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology at the University of Iowa; his undergraduate education was followed up with post-graduate research in Molecular Biology and Virology. He continued his career as the U.S. Business Development and Product Development lead for one of the world's largest suppliers of therapeutic enzymes used in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries in North America. Kiran also established a Clinical Research Organization where he designed and conducted over a dozen human clinical trials in human nutrition.

Kiran is a frequent lecturer on the Human Microbiome at Medical and Nutrition Conferences. He conducts a popular monthly Microbiome Series Webinar, has been an expert guest on National Radio and Satellite radio, and works as a guest speaker for several Health Summits as a microbiome expert.

Kiran offered his extensive knowledge and practical application of the latest science on the human microbiome and his passion for creating effective products to the formulation of Probiogen. He has a deep understanding of microbial science and has spent years studying the spore strains used in their products.


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