Linksys Velop AC4800 Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System with Plug-Ins, 3-Pack

Item specifics

Velop AC4800
Number of LAN Ports:
Wired-Ethernet (RJ-45)
Ethernet (RJ-45)
Maximum Wireless Data Rate:
2200 Mbps

Linksys Velop AC4800 Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System with Plug-Ins, 3-Pack Certified 


Experience flawless, full-strength mesh WiFi with Velop

Easy to set up and designed to fit anywhere, Velop brings ultra-fast, full-strength mesh WiFi to your home in minutes. Featuring Intelligent Mesh Technology and a sleek, modular design, the Velop mesh WiFi system delivers strong WiFi through any kind of home. As your WiFi needs expand, simply add more nodes. And thanks to the convenient plug-in nodes, you can enjoy freedom of placement and expand your Velop WiFi system in hallways, garages, and other traditionally underused areas.

  • Intelligent Mesh Technology ensures fast, reliable performance
  • Manage your home WiFi anytime, anywhere with the Linksys App
  • Velop nodes create a single, seamless WiFi network with one name and password
  • Plug-in node for cord-free expansion in hard-to-reach areas

  • Wi Fi router replacement provides whole home mesh coverage
  • Bundle includes (1) tri band Node and (2) plug in dual band nodes
  • Plug in nodes allow freedom to place anywhere without cords
  • Ideal for large, 5+ bedroom multi story homes (upto 5, 000 square feet)
  • Provides fast, reliable Wi Fi coverage for 4K streaming, gaming and more
  • Connects to your existing modem from any ISP (replaces router)
  • Simple setup through the easy to use Linksys App
  • Tri band and dual band connectivity speeds

Install a mesh Wi-Fi network that covers hard-to-reach areas in your home with the Velop AC4800 Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System with Plug-Ins (3-Pack) from Linksys. This package includes a main Wi-Fi node that's equipped with two auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet ports, plus a pair of smaller nodes that can be plugged into standard wall outlets. Together, the three nodes can create a single mesh network that automatically selects the clearest wireless channel for your devices.
Boasting support for Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and multi-MIMO technology that allows for multiple simultaneous wireless connections, the Velop AC4800 Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System features WPA2-Personal encryption, app-based setup via Bluetooth, voice commands, and the ability to create a separate guest network.
Plug-In Wireless Nodes
Compatible with most wall sockets, the included plug-in nodes help ensure Wi-Fi coverage in garages, hallways, and other hard-to-reach areas, providing an ideal solution for homes with security systems and other smart devices that need a consistent, reliable Wi-Fi signal. Since they each only take up one outlet and don't require any cables or cords, the plug-in nodes can be installed around your home without adding clutter. As your Wi-Fi needs expand, simply add additional nodes to work around walls, problem areas, or multiple stories.

Convenient Wi-Fi Mesh Network Setup
The Velop AC4800 creates a mesh Wi-Fi network that's compatible with most Internet carrier-supplied equipment and speeds. The mobile setup app for Android and iOS can guide you through the process in minutes.

Voice Control
The Alexa-compatible Velop AC4800 gives you access to a variety of voice commands. For example, you can verbally turn guest Wi-Fi access on or off by speaking voice commands to your virtual assistant.

Intelligent Mesh Technology
Once you set up your Wi-Fi mesh system, Velop's intelligent mesh technology gets to work adapting your network to your home. Even with a busy Wi-Fi network, Velop knows how to select the clearest channel for your devices, and if someone accidentally unplugs a node, the self-healing Velop network will pick up the slack.

Remote Access and Monitoring
With the Linksys App, you can monitor and manage your home Wi-Fi remotely using a smartphone or tablet. The app lets you create a separate, password-protected Wi-Fi network for up to 50 guests, while parental controls let you remotely restrict access to inappropriate or distracting content, control usage, and block specific devices from accessing the Internet. You can also use the app to prioritize devices that need the most speed.

Automatic Updates
With automatic software updates, the Velop AC4800 is designed to keep itself up to date without manual firmware downloads.

Package Includes:
1 - WHW0301-RM2
2 - WHW0101P-RM2

90 day warranty from Linksys.