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This is the last type of the large size silver certificates before the United States started printing currency in it's current size. In addition, this is in very collectible shape being very nice but not having the premium of an uncirculated note. It is a $1 1923 Silver Certificate with Freidberg number 237. The first of the three Freidberg numbers for this type with signatures of Speelman and White. This note is graded About New 50 by PCGS.  You don't have to take my word for the grade of the note, you just have to trust PCGS.
I have a few of these, so the note you receive may not be the note pictured. But it will be a 1923 $1 Silver Certificate graded PCGS 50.


Shipping will be done by USPS first class mail in a sturdy photomailer. Your note will be shipped within 2 business days from the end of the auction. Usually notes are shipped the next day at the latest, but sometimes I am traveling and unable to get items mailed.

Terms of Sale

We have a thirty day return policy after you have received the item. If you are unhappy for any reason, please e-mail me to let me know you are going to send the note back.

About Us

It is my mission to assist collectors of large and small size type complete their collecting goals. I have been collecting certain large and small series myself for several years and understand how collections are built. You won't see many nationals, colonials, or obsoletes because I do not have a large amount of knowledge in these areas.