• Powerful 8 Amp motor offers consistent performance and durability.
  • 8 ft extension pole provides 10 ft reach and tool-less installation.
  • Rotating handle makes trimming and pruning easy tasks.
  • Tool-free chain tension system, automatic oil pump and oil level indicator.
  • What's Included:
    (1) 8 Amp Chainsaw   (1) 8 ft Extension Pole    (1) Chain    (1) Chain Bar   (1) Blade Protection Cover


    Rated Voltage: 120V ~ 60Hz      Power Input: 8 Amps    Bar Length: 8"     Chain Speed: 8.5 M/S    Chain Pitch: 3/8"   

    Chain Gauge: 0.043"    Chain Links: 34   Tank Capacity: 120 ML    Machine Weight:  9.5 lbs

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