Enfamil - Infant Formula Powder Infant - 12.5 oz.

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Enfamil - Infant Formula Powder Infant - 12.5 oz.

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Enfamil - Infant Formula Powder Infant - 12.5 oz. (354 g) Enfamil Infant Formula Powder Infant is tailored to meet the nutrtional needs of babies aged 0 through 12 months and is a formula blend that's closer to mature breast milk than ever before. Enfamil Infant has Choline and DHA, important brain-nourishing nutrients. Enfamil's nutrition helps support milestones like grasping and rolling over. Natural Defense Dual Prebiotic Blend is designed to help support your baby's own natural defenses. Infant Formula Powder Infant Features: Closest formula to mature breast milk Experts recommend DHA and Choline Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend Helps support babies healthy brain development Milk-based powder with iron The Importance of DHA As your baby grows and develops, he reaches new and more complex milestones. These milestones are driven by cognitive, motor, social and communication areas of the brain. Enfamil Infant has DHA, a fatty acid recommended by experts and important for infant brain development. A Prebiotic Blend Designed to Help Support a Growing Infant's Natural Defenses As your baby starts crawling and becoming more active, immune system support is important. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria found naturally in the digestive tract â€Â” where 70% of your infant's immune system is located. Emerging science suggests prebiotics may support your baby's developing immune system. Enfamil Infant has a dual prebiotic blend designed to work longer in the digestive tract for more complete support compared to their previous formula. Frequently Asked Questions Why do they have both Enfamil Newborn and Enfamil Infant? Breast milk changes over time. Those changes inspired Enfamil Staged Nutrition. Their line of formulas is tailored to meet your baby's changing nutritional needs. Their Enfamil Newborn is a routine, milk-based formula designed specifically for babies from birth through 3 months of age. Enfamil Newborn is their closest formula to early breast milk. It also has a tailored level of vitamin D to ensure that although your newborn may consume less than an older infant, she still gets the important vitamin D. Enfamil Infant is their routine, milk-based formula designed for babies from birth through 12 months of age. Enfamil Infant is their closest formula to mature breast milk. While infant formulas are patterned after breast milk to include an appropriate balance of nutrients through the first year, their toddler products are specifically designed for older infants and toddlers, 9 months and up. (Their Enfagrow Toddler Transitions is recommended for toddler 9 â€Â“ 18 months of age, and their Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Powders are recommended for children 1 â€Â“ 3 years of age. Their Enfagrow Next Step Ready-to-Drink Liquids are recommended for children 1 year and up.) What makes Enfamil Infant a good choice for an infant? Enfamil Infant helps support healthy brain development in Infants through 12 months. Inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk, Enfamil Infant is their closest formula to mature breast milk. It also provides nutrients needed for healthy physical growth and development, and has Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics designed to help support the immune system. It's part of Enfamil Staged Nutrition, along with Enfamil Newborn and Enfagrow Toddler Transitions. Why does my infant need vitamin D? Vitamin D is needed to help your baby develop strong bones. Sunlight is the usual source of vitamin D production in the skin. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under 6 months avoid direct exposure to the sun, and that they instead receive vitamin D either through formula or, if they are breast fed, through vitamin supplements. Newborns may consume less formula the first three months of life thatâ€Â™s why Enfamil Newborn has a tailored level of vitamin D to ensure that your newborn gets the recommended daily amount, having 400 IU of vitamin D in 27 fl oz. Both Enfamil Newborn and Enfamil Infant formulas deliver the expert recommended vitamin D for each stage, based on the amount of formula newborns and infants consume daily, so you can feel confident that your baby is getting the nutrients he needs for healthy growth and development. What is choline? Choline is another nutrient found in breast milk that helps support a baby's brain development. The body uses it in cell membranes, and to help some cells communicate with each other. Choline also helps the body use fat, and control its muscles. In 2005, Enfamil LIPIL became the first infant formula in the U.S. to increase its choline level to that of breast milk as calculated from the mean choline content of human milk as determined by the Institute of Medicine. Did they recently add Choline to their formulas? Choline has always been in their infant and toddler formulas. Choline helps support a babyâ€Â™s rapid brain growth and development which occur in the first two years of life. Like DHA and ARA, choline is a building block for babyâ€Â™s brain. What are prebiotic? How do they affect my baby's immune system development? Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria in the digestive systemâ€Â”where about 70% of your baby's immune system is located. Emerging science suggests prebiotics may support your baby's developing immune system. Prebiotics are found in breast milk, and in infant formula like improved Enfamil's dual prebiotic blend. Why Choose Enfamil? #1 with Pediatricians When it comes to choosing something as important as your babyâ€Â™s nutrition, thereâ€Â™s nothing like a recommendation from a trusted source. Whether it comes from your pediatrician, the hospital where your baby was born or another mom, it gives you the confidence that youâ€Â™ve made the best choice for your baby. Moms often rely on their pediatricians to guide them through important choices concerning their babyâ€Â™s care â€Â” especially during the first year when doctor visits happen so regularly. Pediatricians are a very special group of doctors who could recommend any formula brand: Gerber, Similac or even another. The fact that Enfamil is recommended most by pediatricians means a lot â€Â” and certainly can help you feel secure choosing Enfamil. Among the top reasons for recommending Enfamil, pediatricians say itâ€Â™s a brand that they trust and that it supports mental development. With so many doctors recommending Enfamil, itâ€Â™s not surprising that itâ€Â™s used in over 80% of U.S. hospitals where babies are born. So thereâ€Â™s a good chance Enfamil was a trusted source of nutrition in the hospital where you gave birth. That means obstetricians, nurses and pediatricians feel good about giving Enfamil formulas to babies right from the start. Enfamil even has preterm formulas to promote growth in premature babies while theyâ€Â™re in the NICU â€Â” and once theyâ€Â™re released from the hospital. Long Term Results Why Enfamil? Because Enfamil Infant has DHA shown to foster learning ability form infancy through age 5. As a mom, you want to know the formula you give your baby helps nourish brain development now. But what if you could feel confident that when you feed your baby today, the effects of that nourishment could last for years? Recent clinical studies have been published that demonstrate Enfamil Infant formula fosters learning ability now -- and into the preschool and kindergarten years. These results are good news for moms who want to support the learning ability of their baby. Exclusive Focus on Nutrition Why Enfamil? Because everything they do revolves around nourishing babies and children for happy homecomings. Bringing your baby home. Nothing in life compares to this special day and the days that follow. Holding him close as you get to know one another. Gazing into each otherâ€Â™s eyes. Itâ€Â™s what youâ€Â™ve dreamed about for nine months. And you may be thinking about breastfeeding because few things compare to the intimacy of these nourishing moments. At Enfamil, they understand just how important and fulfilling these moments are. And while they recognize that breast milk is an integral part of infant nutrition, they know that sometimes a mother needs other ways to nourish her child. So since the earliest days of our brand, theyâ€Â™ve dedicated their efforts to pediatric nutrition by developing safe, high-quality, innovative products that help nourish children, prenatally through toddlerhood. Why Do Moms Choose Enfamil? When it comes to making choices for your baby, you probably listen closely to the opinions of other moms. Because making a confident choice for your childâ€Â™s nutrition is what itâ€Â™s all about. After all, as long as youâ€Â™ve researched and listened to moms you trust, you can feel good, knowing youâ€Â™ve made a smart choice. Theyâ€Â™ve been listening to moms, too. To find out why so many moms trust Enfamil formulas, read on and see for yourself. â€ÂœI have used Enfamil from the very beginning. I am so happy to know that my daughter is getting proper nutrition by using your products. Thank you very much for making a wonderful product for a first-time mother.â€Â â€Â” A Mom from Ohio â€ÂœI was unable to breastfeed so Enfamil literally saved my daughterâ€Â™s life.â€Â â€Â” A Mom from Minnesota â€ÂœMy oldest daughter drank Enfamil and now my baby is, too. I feel comfortable with my baby drinking Enfamil, knowing she is getting all the nutrients she needs.â€Â â€Â” A Mom from Texas â€ÂœEnfamil is a trustworthy product that my babies love and never upsets their little bellies. I will recommend Enfamil to any mother!â€Â â€Â” A Mom from Texas Staged Nutrition Breast milk - its nutrition changes over time. Those changes inspired Enfamil Staged Nutrition. Enfamil formulas have DHA and choline, key brain nourishing nutrients also found in breast milk, to support milestones like smiling and grasping. With tailored newborn, infant, and toddler formulas. Enfamil nourishes milestones at every stage. Enfamil was the first national brand of infant formula products to introduce stage-based tailored nutrition in the US in 2010. Newborns - During the first two years of life, a baby's brain develops rapidly and is especially sensitive to nutrition. That's why many experts believe it's important to get DHA during this critical time. DHA is a fatty acid that acts as a building block for a baby's brain. And Enfamil Newborn has this brain-nourishing nutrition that is important to a baby's development. Infants - As your baby grows and develops, he reaches new and more complex milestones. These milestones are driven by cognitive, motor, social and communication areas of the brain. Enfamil Infant has DHA, a fatty acid recommended by experts and important for infant brain development. Toddlers - Your toddler's milestones are driven by the cognitive, motor, social and communication areas of the brain. Enfagrow Toddler Transitions has a tailored formula that includes DHA - important for the development that helps your toddler reach milestones. Older Toddlers - Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Powder is specifically designed for toddlers 1-3 years to help ensure they get good nutrition for their changing needs and tastes. It has DHA and iron to support a growing brain, and their Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend, designed to help support your toddler's digestive system - along with 20 other nutrients.


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