200 Gallon Aquarium Canister Filter UV 9w UV Sterilizer Fish Tank SUNSUN HW-304B

Item specifics

Filter Type:
Does Not Apply
Water Type:
All Water Types
Does Not Apply
Flow Rate:
525 GPH
Tank Capacity:
200 gal
Max Head:
8.2 feet

Description :

External 4+1 stage canister filter with built in UV sterilizer. Filter is capable of handling up to 525 gallons per hour with 4 flexible media trays that allow you to add your media of choice.  The HW-304B has a built in 9 Watt UV sterilizer to help kill algae spores and bacteria, promoting crystal clear water.  The filter is easy to set up, maintain and clean. It provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

Three options available:



Filter Only

Filter (only media are 4 pieces of white pads)

Filter + Media

(Filter with necessary media for you to start with)


Everything in “Filter Only”, plus:

1 Blue coarse filter sponge

1 bag of Active Carbon in mesh media bag

1 bag of ceramic rings in mesh media bag

 40 pieces of bio-balls

Filter + Premium Package

(Enhanced media for better filtration w/ spare UV bulb)

Everything in “Filter +Media”, plus:

4 white-fine Pad Cottons pads

1 Blue coarse filter sponge

1 lb active carbon in one mesh  bag

50 pieces of Bio Balls in one mesh bag

500 g of ceramic ring in 1 filter media bags

1 replacement 9W UV bulb



·         Good for up to 200 gallon fish tanks

·         Max Flow Rate: 525 GPH (2000L/h)

·         Built-in 9W UV sterilizer to kill viruses and harmful parasites

·         Includes all hoses and everything necessary to get started

·         Easy installation, no messy assembly

·         4 stage filtration

·         Adjustable-height inlet tube fits even the deepest aquariums

·         Removes organic film and debris from water surface

·         Efficiently skimming the aquarium water surface, the Sub Current not only removes organic film but improves water movement and increases vital dissolved oxygen levels.

·         110-120V 50-60Hz, 55 W

DIMENSION: 11 X 11 X 18.5 inches (L x W x H)


(1) Input and Output Discreteness

(1) Barrel Head

(1) Main Canister Body

(1) 9W UV Light Bulb

(2) 5 feet lengths of flexible tubing

(1) Draining Tray Cover

(4) Draining Trays

(1) Output Curvy Bar

(1) Input Curvy Bar

(2) Connected Bars

(2) Spray Bars

(1) Spray Bar Cover

(3) Input Bars

(1) Input Cover

(4) white-fine Pad Cottons pads


Please note: Every filter has been filled with water to test water-tightness before leaving the factory.  So there usually is some water in the filter.  This is normal.


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