Dr. Brown's - Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle 3-Pack Pink - 8 oz.

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Dr. Brown's
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Dr. Brown's - Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle 3-Pack Pink - 8 oz.

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Dr. Brown's - Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle 3-Pack Pink - 8 oz. (250 mL) Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle 3-Pack Pink is a tried and tested favorite with parents focused on helping their little ones experience happy feeding. Featuring a traditional narrow shape and the original, vent system that set the standard for the industry, this bottle features the following benefits: Helps reduce feeding problems Proven to help preserve bottle milk nutrients Vacuum-free feeding helps digestion Fully-vented bottle design Internal Vent System and silicone nipple work together BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free Health Benefits Dr. Brown's fully vented design is the closest thing to breastfeeding. The internal vent system and silicone nipple work together to provide a controlled flow so babies feed at their own pace. Helps Reduce Feeding Problems Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottles are known for reducing colic, spit-up, burping and gas. Proven to Help Preserve Bottle Milk Nutrients Vitamins A, C, and E are criticial for health in infancy. Vacuum-Free Feeding Helps Digestion Good digestion is essential for babies, particularly newborns. Internal Vent System The Internal Vent System and silicone nipple work together. They provide controlled flow so babies can feed at their own pace. Fully-Vented Bottle Design Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle's design is the closest thing to breastfeeding. Internal Vent System The Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottle features a two-piece internal vent system that works unlike any other bottle design. Air enters the bottle collar and routes directly through the internal vent system. The air channels through the vent tube, bypassing the milk, to the end of the bottle. The vent prevents aeration of the milk, vacuum pressure and nipple collapse. Baby feeds comfortably while milk flows freely, like breastfeeding. Dr. Brown's Nutrient Study New Study Reveals Loss of Vitamins A, C, and E in Some Baby Bottles During 20-Minute Stimulate Feeding A newly released study revealed that after a 20-minute bottle feeding, three important nutrients for infants–vitamins A, C and E–all declined during the course of feedings. The results suggest that the amount of air within a baby bottle, the bottle’s design, and the impact on vitamin levels warrant closer examination. How The Study Was Conducted The study, “Comparative Analysis of Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, and Alpha-Tocopherol in Baby Milk Using Varied Delivery Systems,” was conducted at the University of Nevada-Reno. The bottle study was designed to investigate changes in nutrient levels that might occur during a typical bottle feeding time of 20 minutes, using both expressed human milk and infant formula, in both vented bottles and unvented bottles. The study looked at the amount of nutrients in the milk when delivered through seven commonly used baby bottles, including Dr. Brown’s. The purpose was to determine if exposure to air within a baby bottle during a simulated feeding affected nutrient levels. Dr. Brown’s Bottles Preserve Nutrients When Others Don’t The graph demonstrates the loss of vitamin C during a 20-minute simulated feeding. While vitamin C began to decline at 5 minutes as shown by the graph on the right, vitamins A and E declined later. Vitamin C prevents oxidation of nutrients and, as it is lost, other nutrients are more susceptible to damage. The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommends a vitamin C intake of 40 mg per day, 3 mg of Vitamin E and 400 mcg of vitamin A for infants up to six months old. The Importance Of Nutrients For Babies All three vitamins studied are important in infant health and growth. Medical research shows that children with low intakes of vitamin C are more vulnerable to developing frequent and more severe common day-to-day illnesses. Inadequate intake of vitamin E can lead to anemia and degeneration of the spine and brain. In infants, a low intake of vitamin A disrupts bone growth and interferes with the development of immature bone cells resulting in weak, poorly formed bones. Vitamin A is also needed to produce immune cells that are associated with increased resistance to infection. Why Dr. Brown’s Bottles Preserve Nutrient Levels The ability to preserve nutrients in bottle feeding appears to be influenced by bottle design. Once vitamin C–which is known to be susceptible to oxidation– degrades to a certain point, vitamins A and E begin to decline as well. The bottles used in the study were different from each other in the way that air is replaced in the bottle as milk is removed. Only one bottle–Dr. Brown’s–had a vent system that allows air moving into the bottle to bypass movement through the milk, with no bubbles forming as milk is removed. The competitor bottles observed to have more bubbles forming in the milk had lower levels of all three nutrients. Awards 2015 Mom's Picks: Best Baby Bottles Thousands of BabyCenter moms voted on their favorites. Dr. Brown's was chose as the Best Baby Bottle for 2015! Also, 11 years in a row, Dr. Brown's has been the winner of the "American Baby Best Awards". Frequently Asked Questions Does the Dr. Brown's baby bottle really work? Yes it does. The Dr. Brown's baby bottle features a internal vent system not found in any other bottle. Their bottle is fully-vented for vacuum-free feeding. They call this positive-pressure flow, similar to breastfeeding, which allows babies to feed at their own pace. As the baby feeds, air is channeled from the nipple collar (not the silicone nipple) through the vent system, to the back of the bottle. Air bypasses the breastmilk or formula which means no oxidation of nutrients. In fact a recent university study determined that their Dr. Brown's bottle helped to preserve levels of nutrients like vitamins C, A and E. What is the difference between the Standard and Wide-Neck Dr. Brown's bottles? All Dr. Brown's baby bottles share the benefits of the internal vent system. Many breastfeeding mothers prefer the Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck bottle as the nipple has a broader base, which can avoid nipple confusion for the baby. The Standard Dr. Brown's bottle carries the standard bottle nipple, which is more narrow. Both Standard and Wide-Neck bottles each come in 4-ounce and 8-ounce sizes; their Standard bottle is also available in a 2-ounce size which is ideal for premature babies. Why is it good to prevent a vacuum from developing in the bottle? There are two major problems associated with most traditional baby bottles: air and vacuum. Air ingested by babies can cause discomfort, sleepless nights, gas, spit-up, cramps, and other symptoms associated with colic. A vacuum in the bottle can transfer air to a baby's middle ear and can encourage fluid to be drawn in. Traditional non-vented bottles tend to develop vacuums when babies feed from them because babies need to suck progressively harder to get any liquid from them. Babies seal their lips to the nipple when they nurse, but as the vacuum increases they ingest air through a weakened nipple seal. Air enters the bottle through the vent in the nipple and aerates the breastmilk and formula. Is that a straw in the Dr. Brown's baby bottle? No it is not a straw. It is a reservoir tube and it's an integral part of the vent system which cannels the air to the area above the liquyid, keeping the air from being incorporated into the breastmilk or formula. Is it necessary to only use Dr. Brown's nipples on Dr. Brown's bottles? Because the Dr. Brown's baby bottle is fully vented it requires a unique nipple. Other bottles have a vacuum inside that restricts the flow of liquid, and because of the vacuum the nipples on these bottles tend to have a very large hole. Using one of these nipples on a Dr. Brown's baby bottle could result in feeding your baby much too fast, possibly causing them to choke. When should someone switch to the next Dr. Brown's nipple level? Dr. Brown’s makes it easy by creating a series of bottle nipples designed to match the age and feeding habits of your infant. This series includes: Preemie Flow: For feeding preemies. Level One: For feeding newborns. Level Two: For feeding infants aged 3 months + Level Three: For feeding infants aged 6 months + Level Four: For more aggressive eaters Y-Cut: Faster flow for thicker liquids All of these bottle nipples vary in size and shape. From the Preemie Flow nipple, which limits the flow to tiny mouths to the Y-Cut nipple which literally utilizes a “Y”-shaped opening to allow for greater milk flow, you’ll find the bottle nipple that’s the perfect fit for your baby’s feeding needs. Keep in mind that the Bottle Nipple Chart above serves as a general guideline for choosing a bottle nipple but is by no means an “end-all” solution. It is important to carefully watch the feeding habits of your little one. For instance, is your three-month-old not seeming to get enough from the bottle at feeding time? Moving her up from a Level One to a Level Two bottle nipple may be in order. Adapt your bottle nipple selection to match your baby’s feeding style, regardless of age. Can someone use Dr. Brown's nipples on other brands of bottles? Dr. Brown's nipples are of the highest quality. However they are specifically designed for the Dr. Brown's baby bottles and should not be used on other brands of bottles. The Dr. Brown's nipple does not have a vacuum operated rim-vent like other brands of bottles. If a Dr. Brown's nipple is used on an non-vented bottle the baby may experience feeding difficulties. Can the Dr. Brown's bottle be used without the vent system? The vent is an essential part of the Dr. Brown's system and is required to prevent the vacuum found in other brands of bottles and provide positive-pressure feeding. Can the bottle be used to heat formula in the microwave? They do not recommend using a microwave oven to heat the bottle because microwave ovens can create hotspots in milk or formula. Are Dr. Brown's bottles and components dishwasher safe? Yes, they recommend loading them in the top rack of your dishwasher. They also offer a Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer, Dr. Brown's Drying Rack, and Standard and Wide-Neck Dishwasher Baskets to help in cleaning. Can Dr. Brown's bottles be sterilized? Yes, you may put them in a sterilizer or boil them in water. Be sure to follow the Instruction Leaflet that comes with your Dr. Brown's bottle. Dr. Brown’s offers Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags, a Microwave Steam Sterilizer and an Electric Sterilizer, designed specifically for their baby bottles. How can the bottle be cleaned if it is cloudy or stained? There could be many different reasons why the bottle components may become cloudy, stained or have a film of residue. Plastic bottles and components may become stained or cloudy from contact with ingredients in formula like iron or from juices, foods, cleaning products that contain natural or artificial coloring, water deposits, over boiling and daily use in a dishwasher. It is unlikely that staining or cloudiness will affect performance as long as the bottle and parts are in good condition. Some of the advice they get from Moms on this topic include: White Vinegar - Soak bottle in a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water, and then rinse with cold water. Many stains will disappear following this procedure, which can also eliminate odors. Baking Soda - Juice stains may be removed by putting baking soda and warm water in the bottle and cleaning with a bottle brush. To get rid of sour-milk smell, fill the bottle with warm water, add a teaspoon of baking soda, shake well, and let stand overnight. What are the bottles made of? Their Dr. Brown's bottles are made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic or BPA-free borosilicate glass. All components of the Dr. Brown's bottle, including the vent insert, vent reservoir, travel disk, nipple collar, and cap are also BPA-free polypropylene. Their nipples are made of medical-grade silicone. Where are the bottles made? Most of their Dr. Brown's bottles are produced and packaged in the USA. Some of their products are made in China. Their silicone nipples are made in Germany, the United States and China. Each Dr. Brown's package clearly notes where that product was produced. Dr. Brown's takes its commitment to quality extremely seriously, and they rigorously test and quality control their products, beyond government regulations, here in the United States. Why Dr. Brown's At Dr. Brown's, their focus has always been to create innovative feeding products to promote good health and optimal nutrition for baby. Designed by a doctor in 1996 and patented in 1997, Dr. Brown's Natural Flow is the only baby bottle to feature an internal vent system that: helps preserve vitamins C, A, & E by minimizing oxidation of breastmilk and formula provides positive-pressure vacuum-free feeding similar to breastfeeding; and helps reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas by eliminating negative pressure and air bubbles. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles are BPA-free and contain no PVC, lead or phthalates, and have received numerous design awards and acclaim from the medical community. In fact, many of their bottles go to hospitals, NICUs, and doctor offices. Most important, moms are talking and they're sharing with excitement the improved feeding habits of their babies. In keeping with the standards of their baby bottle, Dr. Brown's products offer a unique design that yields a better functionality for mom and good health for baby. To maintain a brand that moms can rely on, they place a heavy focus on product research and development to ensure every product achieves the best possible result. This means that they invest as much time as necessary to create quality feeding products with distinctive health-related benefits.


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