Foam Roller - Muscle Roller for Physical Therapy & Massage Roller by PharMeDoc

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13 inches
Hollow Design
The Tactical-Grade High Density Foam Roller

The preferred choice of professional athletes, extreme sports enthusiasts, physical therapy clinics, and even military personnel, the PharMeDoc Foam Muscle Roller releases muscle tension by massaging muscles to break up lactic acid and increase blood flow to strengthen mobility and help prevent injury while exercising. Use this foam roller before or after working out to loosen pressure points and rehabilitate tight muscles for faster recovery.

A Multi-Purpose Fitness & Exercise Accessory

More than just a foam roller for back pain! This hollow-core muscle roller is ideal for people looking to accelerate muscle recovery after a big game, as well as before or after a workout.

Trusted by fitness enthusiasts, yogis, athletes, and physical therapy professionals

Unlike softer foam rollers, our high-density foam roller REALLY WORKS. It targets the larger muscle groups (back muscles, glutes, calves, quads) and destroys knots mercilessly while relieving pressure points.

Foam Roller for Back Pain
Foam Roller for Glutes
Foam Roller for Calves and Exercise
Foam Roller for Quads and Legs