The white Rolling Spider MiniDrone from Parrot can fly, roll along the floor, climb walls, and even traverse the ceiling. It is a 5.5"-diameter mini quadcopter that includes a pair of removable wheels for added fun. No special controller is required - the Rolling Spider is operated by a mobile app and your smartphone. Simply tilt your device to maneuver the MiniDrone. A sophisticated multi-sensor flight computer lets you perform 360s, U-turns, flips, barrel rolls, and more without stalling or loosing stability. The Rolling Spider has a top speed of around 11 mph and a Bluetooth wireless range of about 66'.

Product Info

Brand: Parrot
Model: PF723001 
Packaging: Retail Packaging 

What You Get

Parrott Rolling Spider Helicopter , 2 Wheels , 1 Axle , Battery , 1 Micro-USB Cable , Sticker Set and Manual