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19" Ring Light Kit LED Dimmable with Stand Universal Plug Adapter Youtube Live

Product Details

Item No. EYSTS878
Brand Lusana Studio
Condition New
Package Includes :
(1) 19" Dual Colored Dimmable Ring Light with Phone Adapter ,(1) 7ft Tall Studio Light Stand

Dual Colored Dimmable Light with Phone Adapter

19" Dual Colored Ring Light

- LED Bulbs: 720
- Diameter: 19 inch
- Color Temperature Adjustable: 3200K–5600K
- Brightness Control Available
- Power Supply: AC120V
- Carry Bag Included

Phone Adapter

- Compatible with iPhone 8 7 Samsung Galaxy S8
- Spring Clip Enables Easy Install
- 1/4 inch Screw Hole
-Secures firmly

Studio Tripod 7ft Tall Studio Quality High Output Stand

  • Zinc stud head.
  • Minimum 32 inch.
  • It extends to a maximum height of 7ft.
  • For light fixtures or boom arms.
  • Die cast steel for quality built.
  • This heavy duty light stand can load capacity of about 20 lb.