Safe To Sleep Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor

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Safe to Sleep
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Safe To Sleep Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor


The Safe to Sleep is the only baby monitor that can monitor the breathing of your sleeping baby and alert you if your baby's breathing becomes irregular. The second your baby falls asleep, the Safe to Sleep technology begins calculating your baby's real-time breath rate with the precision of a hospital monitor. If your baby begins to breathe too fast, too slow, or stops breathing altogether, the Safe to Sleep system will instantly notify you so you have the precious time you need to take action. The free Safe to Sleep smartphone application allows you to monitor your baby from any Apple or android smartphone or tablet. A Parent Unit is also included in this package for non-smartphone users. The Safe to Sleep system works in three easy steps: place your baby directly on the SleepMat, which is a soft sleep surface that uses advanced fiber optic technology to detect your baby's breathing, connect to the sleep mat using your smartphone or parent unit, and (3) instantly begin monitoring your baby. The SafeToSleep monitor is battery operated, wireless, and portable. You can use the SleepMat on any baby-safe flat surface, which means you can take it with you everywhere your baby sleeps. From the crib to the campsite, we know your baby will sleep in lots of different places. You'll always know that the SafeToSleep monitor is there to keep your baby monitored and protected. Includes: Sleep mat, Parent Unit and Cotton SleepMat Cover

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