Turn the driveway into a colorful song and dance party zone with the Kia Sing-A-Long Soul Ride-on from Kid Trax! Playtime gets a serious upgrade with this battery-powered car that pushes the limits of what a kid's ride-on toy is capable of doing. It comes with the same premier functionality you're used by now: real horn and engine sounds, a working FM radio and MP3 audio jack, authentic foot pedal acceleration, a crystal clear windshield, bright LED headlights, daytime running lights and more. Open the real working doors and bring a friend along in this two-seater that drives forward at 2.5 and 5 MPH and also goes in reverse at 2.5 MPH. Now, functionality meets musical fun with the Party Mode option of this unique and innovative set of wheels. Open the rear hatch, turn on your favorite song, and use the 2 attached microphones and 2 oversized Mega Loud speakers for instant Karaoke fun! After that, turn on Party Mode and really ramp it up! The Sing-A-Long Soul has over 100 (that's right, 100!) colorful LED lights all over the car, including under the dash, around the speakers, under the car itself, and as an option for the headlights. Once in Party Mode, the colorful lights move in sync with the music! Now it's time for your little celebrities to put on the included Pop Star sunglasses and use the rear Kia Cam to record their very own music video! As always, this set of wheels comes with Power Trax rubber traction strip tires for smooth riding and the one step Direct Connect charging system for simple charging. Colorful lights, stylish shades, karaoke, music videos. all this car is missing is your little rock star to get the party started!

Direct connect charging system with 12V charger
Kid Trax Power Trax Rubber Traction Strip Tires
100+ colorful LED's including under the car street glow, under the dash, around the speakers, color daytime running lights and more
Real working LED headlights, fog lights & day running lights with real working FM radio with MP3 auxiliary jack, real horn and engine sounds
Max speed 5 mph