The Humi-Care HX10 humidifier delivers hassle-free humidification. Inside are specially formulated crystals containing propylene glycol to chemically balance the humidity level in your humidor. The crystal gels inside expand after absorbing distilled water and contract when it’s ready for a refill!

Dimensions: 6.5" x 2.5" x .75"

You will only need to soak your dry unit for approximately 1 hour on the initial fill. Each refill thereafter will only take approximately 15 minutes. 

Please check the status of the unit periodically during the initial fill and stop moistening if the gel has expanded to fill the cavity before the hour has elapsed.  I had a small batch that were overfilled with bead material and, as you see in the product ratings, they took on too much moisture and expanded beyond the capacity of the unit.  This is not a prevalent issue but I had a handful of orders that were impacted.